Words for Windows: A Virtual Crafting Hour!

Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to look out your window right now and see an uplifting message from your neighbor? During this casual virtual craft hang, we’ll take time to each work on our own positive / uplifting signage to place in our windows for our neighbors. You will need 0 experience for this workshop. We’ll spend the hour helping one another with sayings, getting advice on methods for making, and showing the progress of our work as we go. Don’t have a poster board handy? Not to worry … get creative!

You can make a sign from things around your house:
- Use normal printing paper and tape together
- Cut up an old box to draw on!
- Use popsicle sticks/straws/pipe cleaners as letters
- Cut out letters from old newspaper or magazines

Suggested Materials to have ready:
- Scissors
- Pens/Markers/Paint
- Materials to write on or cut out of
- Tape
- Glue

About Jessica Full-time Squarespace marketing, part-time DIY/Crafting enthusiast. Long time lover of CreativeMornings. California born, but New Yorker at heart - currently residing in Astoria, Queens and dreaming of the day we can all hug and high five again.