Word of the Year with Watercolors

About this FieldTrip

Ready to ditch new year’s resolutions and transform your life instead, in 2021?

Pick a word that will define your focus and decorate it using watercolors!

Join Dallas artist, Volta of Color Snack Creative Studio, in a FieldTrip where you’ll learn basic watercolor techniques as you set your intention for the new year.

What’s included: - a brief mindfulness exercise to set the tone for the event - instructions & guidance on basic watercolor techniques - ideas of how to decorate your word artwork applying learned techniques - tips on how to keep up with your Word of The Year

Required materials: Crayons or colorful pencils for the meditation exercise 140 lbs watercolor paper Watercolor brush Watercolor paints

About your Host
As the founder and artist behind Color Snack Creative Studio, Volta brings original concepts and brands to life through watercolor illustrations, animations and creative workshops. Her vibrant designs enable brands to use color & connect with consumers in a meaningful and engaging way, while her original artwork is collected by collectors all over the country.