What, Why & How to Brand Strategy with Vannett Li

August 13, 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

An in-depth look at what, why and how to Brand Strategy. We’ll explore its vital importance, break down the behind the scenes step by step, and walk through a few case studies of how it comes to life.

About your Host
Strategy Director at boutique branding agency Bartlett Brands

Vannett is an eagle-eyed insights analyst, trend spotter and innovation junkie whose passion is the marriage of business strategy and design. Her ability to naturally create connections and identify strategic tensions has lead her to award winning success in revitalizing heritage brands and creating new brands for both giant corporations and startups.

What can you expect from her? Sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane. She’s unconventional, provocative, and honest. Known for not backing down any challenge and always delivering clear and concise solutions strategically grounded in timeless human truths.