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How many times can we understand love?

Vessela Dancheva and Ivan Bogdanov are one of the most talented and charming creative tandems around town. The two of them have been together for years. After graduating from the Rotterdam academy Willem de Kooning, they come back to Sofia so they can dedicated themselves to producing and making animations. They co-found FinFilm and Compote Collective - a platform, which unites animators, illustrators and designers from a few European countries. Vessela and Ivan have more than 10 years of experience and over 10 independent movies behind their backs, one of which is the award-winning “Father”.

According to Vessela and Ivan the topic of love has many aspects. During our breakfast we will hear their story, which begins with why they are together as a family and as a creative tandem. They will look at their relationship through the perspective of their work - the passions they share in it and the things they do separately. And Ivan will tell us a little bit about his emotions revolving around his photography. Finfilm’s profile on Instagram has more than 77 000 followers currently.

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