Unplug With a Mindful Street Art Experience

July 11, 11:30am - 1:00pm EDT. Hosted at City of Saints Coffee (Bushwick)

About this FieldTrip

Join an interactive street art experience, and unplug with a mindful practice you’ll be able to take with you anywhere you step out on foot. This is not a tour, rather, it’s a way for like-minded creatives, art-lovers, and everyone in between to gather and explore Brooklyn’s ‘outdoor museum’ under a new lens!

WHAT WE’LL DO: We’ll meet at City of Saints, an art-centric roastery and café in Bushwick and explore our creative side over some fun icebreakers. We’ll head out on foot to check out the walls of the Graff Collective—a range of murals featuring 20+ artists from all over the world. I’ll share some of their unique stories, common styles/techniques, and the cultural roots of NYC’s graffiti scene. I will lead a breathing exercise, allowing us to all be grounded and present as we explore these vibrant streets. We’ll take time to disconnect from our devices and explore these exciting surroundings with more gratitude and intention!

WHO’S THIS FOR: This casual, open-to-all event is ideal for anyone looking to explore their creative side, has an interest in the arts, or is simply seeking more opportunities to practice mindfulness and connect with like-minded people.

YOUR ORGANIZER: My name is Ari, and I’ve been active in Brooklyn’s fine arts & design scene for nearly a decade now. I have a passion for documenting the urban landscape, photographing street art wherever I travel. Often you’ll also find me on a search for the best coffee spots along the way. I want to give guests a taste of the raw, creative side of Brooklyn that doesn’t always get noticed. I hope to also serve as a resource for a mindfulness practice and form of digital detox we can all take advantage of in NYC—walking ;)“

Attendees should bring any items necessary in the case of inclement weather

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