Unlock Your Calling

April 23, 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Do you like what you do, but don’t feel fulfilled or lit up by it? Do you wish you knew your purpose, or how you’re here to help others?

People often confuse their purpose or calling with a job or business or some action in the world. Then they do the action or job to try and feel fulfilled. It’s working from the outside in, and it doesn’t work.

Instead, what if you worked from the inside out? What if you started with your calling, and trusted that when you come from this place, no matter what you’re “doing,” you will be fulfilled?

Have you gotten lost in “doing,” in trying to find the perfect “thing” to fulfill your purpose? Or are you so focused on the outcome of what you’re doing that you have forgotten why you’re really doing it?

Are you more concerned with making money, proving your worth, avoiding discomfort, than honoring your soul’s deepest calling? Even if you love your business or your job, or what you “do,” do you spend most of your energy trying to get somewhere, to grow the business, to be “successful?”

In this session, we’ll explore your unique calling, your energy signature, your most genuine expression.

Your calling (or purpose) is not WHAT you do, it’s WHO you are.

I’ll take you through an exercise series that uncovers your highest excitement, and points the way to how you want to feel (and what’s most serving for you and others) as you move through the world.

Once you’ve got an idea of what that is (it may take you some time on your own to hone in, but don’t worry I’ll teach you how to do that), we’ll move on to aligning this calling with every aspect of your life.

You’ll leave with the tools to investigate your life and yourself, and align everything with your true purpose. “