Unfinished and on Display: Family Communication & Photography Workshop

February 17, 9:30am - 11:30am CST. Hosted at Katherine Anne Confections

About this FieldTrip

This workshop draws from family photo stories to show how communication creates, maintains, and transforms families. Relationships are central to the family stories we tell and the rituals we perform. Our family relationships can be as rewarding as they are challenging, as disappointing as they are fulfilling, as loving as they are hurtful. Together, we will organize and structure our family experiences into something meaningful.

How to prepare: Choose a family photograph. Bring a physical copy with you (no phones, please) and be prepared to share with others. During this workshop you will develop your skills as a storyteller and learn how to think critically about your own family photo rituals.

What to expect: Learning is an active process in which we all participate. To me, this means it is important to understand and experience ideas as they relate to our own lives. All contributions are based on being present and participating.

Be here to share your opinions, listen and respond to the perspectives of others, and contribute to a supportive learning community.

Be fully present. Turn off your cell phone. Your presence is important.

Be open to the thoughts and ideas of others. Listening will create greater understanding of the diversity of experience in family life.

About your Host:
I am curious about family photographs, the memories they evoke and stories they invite us to tell. My creative projects center on how visual practices help shape families, and what meanings they create within family relationships.

I earned my Ph.D. at University of South Florida studying how people do family photography, producing material objects as well as digital images and archives. My research demonstrates how families use photographs –producing, sorting, storing, displaying, sharing, narrating and throwing them away – in their everyday lives.

Accessibility information: The shop is located on the ground level of the building; there are no steps up to enter the building. The furniture is moveable, and accessible seating options are available for participants with mobility disabilities. All-gender and accessible bathroom on site.

Parking: On Armitage Ave., paid parking is located directly in front of the building, and free parking is available across the street.

Public transit options: CTA Bus 73, CTA Bus 52, Blue Line Western Station

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