Tradition with Tiago Pereira

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About the speaker

Director, documentarist, visualist, mentor of the project “The Portuguese music to like itself” that at the moment was extended to food and dance. Winner of the Megafone 2010 Award in the category “Mission”, he developed a unique style of documenting, collecting and mixing moving images. His films refer to manifestations of immaterial culture such as music, rituals and performances that exude the concept of tradition and (1998) and the recent “Why I’m Not the Giacometti Do Sec. XXI (2006)”, and “I’m Not the Giacometti Do Sec. XXI (1998). 2015) It has in partnership with Silvio Rosado the Sampladélicos musical project, where tradition and technology merge into a complex mix of past, present and future. He is also a speaker on the radio program on Antena 1 "O Povo Que Siento” which is also the name of the documentary series he made for RTP2. In 2015 he was considered the man of the year in the category “Music” by GQ magazine. His last documentary, “The Singers of Paris” debuted in Doc Lisboa'17.

Photo by Nicole Sánchez from Nimagens

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