Crossing Guards, Hip-hop, the Hammond B3, Dragons & Negative Capability

The output, the internal work, the work within our minds to challenge ourselves within our fields… Tony discusses the hardships we go through to get over the limitations we put on our own goals and how we get over it based on his inspirations.

About the speaker

Tony Calzaretta is the head of a multidisciplinary creative team at Pandora, the leading internet radio service. Since starting in 2006, Tony has developed and continues to grow a creative organization composed of Advertising, Brand, and Product design. His role ranges from driving programs and advertising solutions on Pandora for some of the biggest agencies and brands, to nurturing collaboration in the evolution of the product. With 16 years of experience in the design field, his early agency career quickly went from touching everything in print design, billboards, magazines and collateral materials, to designing and developing web solutions for clients, providing a foundation in leading teams at the intersection of creativity and technology.

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    Dsc 2401 avatar

    So happy to see this kick off! Buuutt extremely bummed I missed it. When's the next one? How do I stay tuned so I can mark it on my calendar?

    Jacob Swift
    Ivan hshot 2016

    Hi Jacob, I'm sorry you missed it. Just look out for the announcement either on our city page here, or lookout on twitter for the date. But just know that tickets will always be released on the Monday before the talk. The event has been announced March 28th! Come on!

    Ivan Lima