Tom Macaluso

February 22, 8:30am - 10:00am EST. Hosted at City Beautiful

part of a series on Symmetry

About the speaker

As you will learn in his talk on the topic of symmetry, Tom Macaluso is a believer in balance. But to be clear, “balance” does not mean Tom does anything halfway. He’s, well, a pretty intense guy, and it shows. Let’s start with the work. Tom wants it to be amazing, and he’s not particularly interested in hearing why it can’t be. Agencies including Anson Stoner, Cramer-Krasselt, and Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group have been the beneficiaries of this focus and passion, along with too many clients to mention. Tom is not the type to point out the many, many awards in his trophy case, but let’s be clear. There is a trophy case. And it is very clean and dusted and neatly organized. Outside the office, Tom’s wife and children, along with his hobbies, are the focus of Tom’s seemingly endless supply of energy and intensity. There is balance. There is symmetry. But there is no compromise. And it is possible because Tom does not waste time writing his own bio. Which is why I can recommend that you ask him about what brand of eyeliner he uses.

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