That’s A Rap!

Hosted at Invenio

About this FieldTrip

Have you ever wanted iced tea with your Ice-T? Invenio and Austin Studio Rental resident, Sarah Frankie Linder, will engage guests by guiding them through the creative process of concepting for a series of still life photographs based on rap music visual puns. Participants will style, compose, and conceptualize.

About our host:

In the space between today’s design-fueled culture and serendipitous humor, you’ll find photographer Sarah Frankie Linder behind the lens. Sarah has a knack for photography’s new standard — fusing movement, space, charm, and all the key ingredients into one. You could describe her photos as a “reality show for the modern age”, where form becomes jealous of function, and the finale is an unfiltered smile.

Invenio is located at Canopy Austin. There is plenty of free parking in the lot.

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