Transformational connection through welcome.

A community leader, entrepreneur and activist, Tanya shares her experience in learning and practicing the powerful concept of radical hospitality—whether it’s through listening more, leaning towards love, making those around you feel truly welcomed, offering up your home as a space for community gatherings and non-profit board meetings…and even inviting the entire neighborhood to your wedding.

About the speaker

Tanya Torp, is an agent for social change and has spent her career engaging in community-based initiatives as convener, speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant.

Her full-time job as Executive Director at Step By Step, Inc encourages and equips young single mothers, ages 12-24, with a mission “to empower and embolden young single mothers to improve their lives, their families, and their communities through healing, encouragement, faith and education”.

She is also the Founder and CEO of Be Bold, which encourages young women ages 9 to 18 to break stereotypes, support one another, embrace the collective, challenge norms, and become leaders in their own communities. She developed the motto for the organization, “Your body is NOT your currency” to divulge and explore alternatives to unrealistic and damaging societal and media representations of women that decrease the inherent value of women and girls.

Tanya is a Keynote speaker and workshop leader in the areas of strategic planning for non-profits, equity & inclusion, volunteer management, community liaising, female empowerment, radical hospitality, and connecting disparate groups and individuals together through social innovation.

She lives in the East End of Lexington and is currently revising her forthcoming book: “Justice House: An Every Day Guide to Radical Hospitality”.

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In my lifetime, I've noted a shift away from the sheer thought of engagement and collective humanity, making way for apathy, complacency and even anger, hatred and greed. And I'm kinda sick of it. What about y'all? — Tanya Torp

I hope and pray that my inner compass yields to radical hospitality always, even if I get it wrong, because I've seen the richness in my life I wouldn't find anywhere else. And I hope the same for you, and our community too. — Tanya Torp

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