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About the speaker

Tam is an audiovisual ‘Jill of All Trades’ – she has sold CDs, written CVs, washed dishes, spilt a drink on Alan Rickman, edited some great things and some meh things, researched weird things, project managed a lot of things, produced mainly animation things, directed only live action things, successfully used software she still doesn’t understand and once even worked for the people who made Biker Mice from Mars…but on a far less successful series that no-one has ever heard of.

Tam is short for Tamarin, but she is only called that when things get really serious. The reason Tam is ‘Jill of All Trades’ is that for 12 years she went with the career flow…until one day, quite out of the blue, it flowed no more. At that point, even her own internal voice started calling her Tamarin. And thus Documinute was born out of necessity, a series of 1-minute documentaries documenting interesting people, hobbies, cultures, and history. It very quickly turned out to be a lot more important, and to a lot more people.


  •   Most watched movie: Sound of Music
  •   Favourite Band: Steely Dan
  •   Favourite Quote/Fact: ‘If you don’t like Steely Dan, I don’t like you’ (Mayer Hawthorne)
  •   Favourite Animal: #barnabymcgee
  •   Most relied on personal trait: ability to wing it 
  •   Was once featured on Humans of New York and it made her phone die 3 times

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