Sylviane Yoba

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Sylviane Yoba speaks on investing time wisely between work and personal life. Sylviane Yoba is a research associate in biology at the University of Bristol. She investigates the interactions between oral bacteria and blood cells in order to find a cure against cardiovascular diseases.

Her work has led her to travel to many places in the world including Boston (USA), Palma (Mallorca), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Lausanne (Switzerland) and others. She collaborated with the biggest universities/research institutes like Institut Pasteur, Trinity College Dublin, Richmond University,

Nowadays, we have the pressure to succeed professionally and often, we forget about our well-being and personal life. Having met various people though her work, she has been able over the years to invest her time wisely in order to balance her work and her life and be productive.

By applying simple tips (and this is valid for everybody, which ever job you do), you will be able to have more control of your days and won’t go home frustrated. Having a nice work-life balance is critical to improve/maintain our health (physical, emotional and mental), and our productivity at work.

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Proceeding the talk: Guitarist - Ben Jones on guitar and Nonny Tabbush on Violin and vocals.

Ben Jones- Geotechnical Engineer transitioning to using Python. Enjoys guitar.

Nonny Tabbush - Violin/Vocals Conducts two community choirs in Bristol: Bristol Folk House Choir, and Glos. Vox Community Choir Also plays fiddle and vocals in the Bristol Ceilidh Quartet Music Practitioner at Bristol Plays Music.