Funeral Director Susanne Duijvestein takes the audience through her realisations about sustainable alternatives to traditional funerals and what we truly leave behind. In this talk, Susanne details beautiful and creative ways to design for death culture, discusses compassion and individualism in end-of-life ceremonies, and encourages the audience to consider our last-act impact on the planet.

About the speaker

The end as a life hack. One day two years ago Susanne Duijvestein (now 32) woke up realizing that she wanted more in life. More meaning, more relevance, more greatness. She gave up golden but in her eyes bullshit career perspectives in the banking industry, to become a funeral director. Since childhood, she had always been fascinated by death. And since she lost a few friends, she discovered not only the ugliness of the conservative and moneymaking funeral industry, but also the healing beauty of reclaiming our own rites de passage. Starting her business as ‘susanne bij afscheid’ is a lifechanger for her and the families she guides, but most of all deathchanging.

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Like a way of living, like your grandmother kept living on the farm with the chickens, and the apple trees, and she kept making the apple mousse in her final years--these are the precious memories we cherish. — Susanne Duijvestein

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    I couldn't find the documentary, does anyone knows where can I watch it?

    Patricia Bastos