STRIP! The Musical - Be Part Of The Story

January 12, 8:00am - 9:30am CST. Hosted at AFS Cinema

About this FieldTrip

The art of theatre-making comes from exploring what creates the most vivid relationship between the audience and the performers. How do you take an empty space, keep transparency, and explore the taboos and magic of storytelling; which come alive through the body and voice of its actors and participants?

Writer/director Amparo Garcia-Crow will be walking through and rehearsing a scene from STRIP the Musical at the Austin Film Society Cinema’s Event Hall where it will premiere the new work the week of January 24th. FieldTrip participants are invited to observe and potentially ‘interact’ with the storytellers in this environment.

The space will be raw prior to the show’s open later this month, so feel free to bring something comfortable to sit on.

P.S. - If you missed our November talk by Amparo Garcia-Crow, it’s a must-see. Watch it here!

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