Street Wisdom: Wander Your Way to Insight, Ideas + Intention in 2021

About this FieldTrip

Street Wisdom is based on the simple idea that insight, ideas, and inspiration are available to us all the time when we know how to look.

During this guided 60-minute FieldTrip, you will learn how to use your immediate surroundings—the streets in your neighbourhood or the rooms in your home— to find fresh answers to important questions and set your intention for 2021.

The Street Wisdom experience will teach you the skills you need to see your environment in a fresh and curious way, ask a pressing life or work-related question and use the answers you discover all around you to move forward with inspiration and clarity. It’s a dynamic mix of curiosity, mindfulness, creativity and psychology, and the results can be profound.

The Street Wisdom FieldTrip will unfold in three parts:

TUNE UP. You will be guided through a series of short exercises that are designed to “tune up” your senses so you can tune into the world around you.

QUEST. You will choose and frame a question you would like some fresh thinking on and/or new answers to and then set off in search of insights, ideas and answers, looking for signs and signals from the streets or space you explore.

SHARE. At the end, everyone will gather together again and we will ask a few people to share their experience, what they learned and discuss how to apply the insights back to the question they brought to the walkshop.

Once you learn and have experienced the Street Wisdom process, you can use it again and again on your own. It’s a brilliant way to problem-solve and expand your sense of possibility in partnership with the world around you.

About your Host
Karen Ward is a writer, artist, facilitator and consummate walker and wanderer. She is also the Founder of Curiosity Inc. and Curiosity Global, and the Camp Director of Curiosity Winter Camp. A former Creative Mornings speaker about Wonder, Karen lives in Montreal and has spent much of this very strange time reading books and exploring the nooks and crannies of the back alleys in her neighbourhood.