Steven White & Dominick Davis

February 22, 8:30am - 10:00am EST. Hosted at The Motor House

part of a series on Symmetry

About the speaker

DifferentRegard was born from a simple vision to create an affordable, luxury clothing brand. In 2008, two born and raised Baltimorians, Steven White (Creative Designer) and Dominick Davis (Art Director) created DifferentRegard to do just that.

Over time, they grew their production team to include a seamstress and ateliers that collectively have over 70 years of experience. This allowed the company to expand to made to measure services, handicap accessible services, women’s and children lines and even custom draperies. Davis stated, “DifferentRegard is a never-ending art project; there is nothing more rewarding than turning your vision into reality.”

Last year, DifferentRegard transformed their Howard Street storefront into a production facility where garments are made and opened a new storefront on Charles Street in historic Mount Vernon. In 2019, they’re opening their production facility as a resource to the public at large, to assist people who want to start their own clothing line but don’t have the startup capital to buy large quantities upfront, and to act as mentors to help young entrepreneurs getting started. White said, “My main inspiration is my daughter and the youth within the community of Baltimore. I want to show them that in life you should pursue your dreams and those dreams can come true if you invest the time to make it happen!”

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All tickets are free and will be available 2/18 at 9am EST.

Please enter through the main red Showroom door on North Avenue. There is street parking and a private parking lot at the back of the building where patrons can pay by app. More details on parking can be found