If someone does the things that I’m promoting, is that good for them? Do I actually support this?

There’s actually water crisis. There are almost 1 Million people worldwide that lack access to safe water. This is a problem that exists on the world stage. If we’re going to be promoting water, we’re gonna be saying, “Hey drink water.” What about 1 billion people that straight up can’t? It helps us to think bigger. Not only are we trying to promote water to kids that are otherwise going to be affected by the energy drinks promoting something that’s not good, but if you want to do something about water you should be thinking in a broader scale. So we also donate to an organization Called water.org. I’ve had a strange career path. For three years I worked in the US agency for international development which is the part of the state department that does overseas aid. I was in the office of Caribbean affairs and one of the countries I worked on was Haiti. What you may or may not know is that Haiti is the country in the western hemisphere with the most poverty, lacking infrastructure for many simple things like running water. What are some impacts from not having clean water? 1 million people a year die from water related disease. Every two minutes a child dies from water Born illness. So this isn’t like what’s cooler; a monster tattoo on or a water hoodie? But really in the big world the question of how do people get water has more profound implications. Again for us this is something we just wouldn’t Just wouldn’t generally consider because we have clean drinking water. So what are we do about it? We just stay in our lane. We do the things that we do and try and resonate in the way that we can resonate. The stuff that we do is all things we know we can do well. I mentioned that we donate to water.org. The way that we can be the most powerful is to do what we’re good at: promoting stuff, brand marketing, and the kind of things that say, “Hey kids, this is cool.” Then we’re going to raise those resources and then say, “Hey, Water.org, you’re awesome at making wells happen in places of the world that don’t have access”. So that partnership is important.

About the speaker

Stephen Fox is cofounder & managing director of Drink Water, a brand / initiative created as a protest to energy drink marketing in action sports. Beginning as a wry joke among fellow snowboarders, Drink Water has since reached many through their global group of pro athletes & influencers, news stories in places like the New York Times, & their social enterprise model, having raised & donated over $180,000 - providing life saving water for people around the world that lack access.

Fox also runs Traverse Agency, a small social media marketing shop with client experience ranging from big brands like adidas & Playstation, to nascent VC-backed startups, & even a rockstar like Neil Young.

Stephen has shared the Drink Water story in lots of places, from SXSW in Austin, TX to speaking on TV in Norway with the Minister of Health.

With a wild career path - including the White House, the US Agency for International Development, a startup airline, ad agencies, & more - Fox will share the story of Drink Water: how they are building a global community around something so simple, why they’ll never sell water, why he moved from Portland, OR to the Wasatch mountains, and the craziest injury he’s sustained in the process of promoting water!

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