Spirituality Basics for Everyday Skeptics

January 30, 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST. Hosted at Breather (NYC - 220-5ave-303)

About this FieldTrip

Do phrases like “raise your vibration” and “balance your chakra” make you shake your head? Do you brush off things like Reiki, aura readings, and crystals? Do you think that “this spirituality thing” is just a fast-moving trend like electric scooters and avocado toast?

Despite all of that, do you find that you’re still curious?

Join me for my “Spirituality Basics For Everday Skeptics” workshop. I’ll give you the low down on what spirituality actually means coming from someone who’s very much still figuring it out.

What can you expect?

We’ll start with a relaxing breathwork exercise to get connected as a group. From there, I’ll take you through spiritual tools and spiritual practices you can incorporate into your everyday life (with some demonstrations included). If time allows, we’ll also dive into an intro on chakras.

The workshop is meant to be interactive, so come prepared with questions and a healthy dose of skepticism!

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