Songwriting for non-Musicians: connect your heart and mind with data that sings!

April 29, 6:00pm - 7:30pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Writing songs is a skill and a tool. It sparks a mysterious connection between what you think, what you want, and how you feel.

For many creative professionals, music is extremely important. Even if we don’t feel comfortable singing or playing an instrument, we love listening to music. But writing your own song isn’t that mysterious or hard. And it can lead to real breakthroughs in an area of life or business that is causing frustration.

I teach songwriting as exploration and self-help, letting words and rhythm and melody take us on a journey. No knowledge of music, or how to play an instrument is required. You don’t even have to carry a tune.

We’ll talk about favorite songs suggested by participants and take them apart - format, rhyme scheme, chord structure, beat. How each element works together and synergistically resonates at the level of mind, heart, and body.

We will do some exercises to spark ideas for a song from different angles - words, melodies, styles, moods, and pace. At the end of our field trip, you may not be ready to switch careers, but you will have the beginnings of a song that no one’s ever heard before. And the skills to finish it, if you so choose.

Writing songs is a skill that will enrich your life for years to come. You may surprise yourself with what discoveries it yields!

About your Host
After writing songs all my life just to process my own feelings as a screenwriter and indie filmmaker, I moved to Los Angeles and started coaching other creative professionals.

Music may not change your life, but it can definitely change your mood. I have seen the power of writing your own song lead to creative breakthroughs in any area of your life.

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