Solving complex problems through simple visuals with Cristina and Tanvi

May 9, 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT. Hosted at The Frederick (Lobby Lounge)

About this FieldTrip

Through this hands-on workshop, we will provide tools that help you become more visual in your thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Visualizing problems helps us see them from a new perspective, brings clarity to our thinking and helps communicate our thoughts especially where words fall short!

Don’t worry if you cannot draw at all. In this workshop, you will learn basic sketching skills that could help you communicate any story!

We are both design strategists with a background in communication design and for over 3 years we have used visual thinking to help brands and companies better understand users journeys, visualize complex systems and bring alignment between diverse teams and stakeholders.

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About the speaker

I have the spirit, courage, and imagination of a designer balanced with the critical and analytical thinking of a business mind.

I help companies thrive in the face of change by inventing new products, services, experiences and systems that are strategic and high-impact. Focusing on the people side of innovation, I help businesses reconnect in a humanistic way to their core – their customer.

True curious professional who is constantly looking forward to responding to complex challenges. A strategic designer, with a creative and regenerative orientation, who see so-called “wicked problems” as opportunities for purposeful organizational leadership, and business-model innovation for social good.

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