Sketch & Stretch with Corinne Blouin

May 21, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

The flow of the session is rooted in hatha yoga and energy healing modalities, but grows the intention of creating a sense of safety and belonging around self-expression.

Participants are guided through 1 hour of slow movement, meditation and sketching/journaling.

Generally, this workshop series is offered monthly in different unconventional yoga spaces throughout the city of Ottawa. So far, Corinne and her participants have flowed in flower shops, coffee shops, bike shops and co-working spaces. This is Corinne’s way of connecting local business owners to her participants. Creating a small network of safe spaces for creative expression across the city.

About your Host
Corinne Blouin is a multimedia artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She loves exploring concepts of inner growth through various mediums such as illustration, painting and writing. She creates works that reflect themes of healing in all its forms and approaches her creation process as a ritual for self-healing. This brought her to study various modalities such as hatha yoga, energy work and sound healing. It’s through those modalities that she learns to find safety in her own creative expression and supports others in finding theirs. She loves to guide others to build a relationship with creative energy through workshops, classes and one-on-one sessions.