From Business Administration at the American University, to the sex industry, through old watches, stones for buttons, kinetic sand, and sea glass, to elements for kids toys. Meet Simo.

About the speaker

Since his early childhood Simeon Atanasov has been combining creativity and business. He graduated from the First English Language School and then did a Business Administration Major in AUBG. Still a student, he starts his entrepreneurial activities by opening a sex shop. By chance. Then they become 13 - Liquid - and he sells them in 14 years. While managing the chain he participates in the organization of the Eros Show and the advertising of erotic visions.

Currently, his main business is as a wholesaler of wooden elements for children’s toys and every working day he could be found in the post office.

Simo loves taking the tram in order to change his point of view, goes to the flea market often, where he accumulated a collection of 450 retro electronic watches that he restores and sells. His other working businesses include the import of kinetic sand ( and renting out retail spaces. And within the realm of his not still developed businesses are the glass sea farm, the sale of off the shelf military landing boats and flat stones for buttons.

In short, Simo has a formidable entrepreneurial talent, acting abilities to play different roles (by the way he was a part of a theatre group once) and an incredulous ability to find opportunities everywhere around him.

What shocks Simo? Expect the unexpected.

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