After the bloody passage from the liquid reality to the terrestrial one, our existence and our memory in of this reality is very short in comparison with the time needed to arrive up to here.

Our existence itself is a mystery. Our passage and transformation from one substance to another, during our temporary existence of different realities, in order to turn back again in cosmic dust, constitutes a real mystery. All this mystery starts with an act of gestation. During the 9 months period in a liquid universe we experience in our memory all the transformations and experiences of our species during millions of years. During our existence of terrestrial reality, we have always wanted to leave a mark in our memory, as a message of this existence to our descendants. Such messages are the pictograms and petroglyphs of our prehistoric predecessors in Albania, that just like in many other countries of the world still remain a mystery. The decoding of these messages would open a new page in the history of mankind memory and existence on planet Earth.

About the speaker

Dr.Shpend Bengu is Lecturer in European University of Tirana. With an experience of over 20 years in University Master level, in institutions in and out of the country. With a rich professional experience in the fields of Art, Multimedia and Cultural Heritage in and out of the country. Winner of “Painting Prize” in Contemporary Art Bienale of Austria in 2006; winner of “Best Experimental Film” prize in Tirana Film Festival 2008 and many other national and international prizes. Expert, curator and collaborator in the fields of Printmaking, Graphic Novels, Design, Multimedia, Digitalisation, New Media, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity in many institutions, universities, national and international organisations as: UNICAL, UNESCO, UNDP, OBSH, Ministries of Culture of Albania, Italy and Slovenia etc. Author of mural paintings in the Church of the Heart of Christ in Tirana, 2002.

Doctor of Sciences in Albanian Arts and History and Interdisciplinarities of Art. The Center of Anthropological Art, Tirana. University, Bachelor Painting and Graphics, High Institute of Arts, Tirana. Trainings and specializations: Information Technology, Digital Media, Comuniciation, Cultural Heritage, Public Administration; Public relations, European Integration etc.

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