Shopify & Growing Sales with Galen King

September 13, 10:30am - 12:30pm EDT. Hosted at WeWork (300 Park, 12G, NYC)

About this FieldTrip

Ideas around growing sales through authentic storytelling, building a customer community, and staying lean and nimble.

Individually and through his company Lucid, Galen has worked with many many merchants to grow their online businesses–online and offline. It’s hard! He loves shooting the breeze and sharing ideas around how to identify the low-hanging fruit to achieve growth while staying lean.

NOTE: You will find the most value in this FieldTrip if you already have an active Shopify store with products you are selling. Please bring a laptop with access to your Shopify backend.

Galen King - Kiwi in NYC. Founder & Creative Director of Lucid. Shopify Plus Expert. Founder of The Bridge Street Collective. Creator of The Foodbank Project.

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