Depsina Macris of Dotdash

With three creatives surprising us with their presence for the first event of 2017, the CreativeMornings Brisbane family embraced the mystery. Each speaker is a member of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and had 10 minutes each, to speak on 10 slides - that’s one minute per slide!

Despina Macris is the Director of DotDash - an interdisciplinary design practice focused on way finding strategy. 
With a career spanning several decades, Despina’s eclectic range of experience in visual communication draws from the fields of graphic design and advertising, and informs all aspects of the visual language of Dotdash. Her extensive design knowledge allows for a contribution to the specialised field of wayfinding that is both versed and imaginative. As a Designer, Despina’s contribution to project work is concerned with the integration of visual communication into the built environment, and exploring the potential of language and it’s applications across new mediums. More broadly, Despina’s role within the practice informs areas of design direction, design team co-ordination, and the implementation of foundational design principles. For the theme of Mystery, Despina spoke of how boundaries and constraints provoke creativity and thinking beyond the predictable.

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