Culture analyst Sharon Ann Lee shares how to be successful doing more of the stuff you love and are good at and less of the stuff you hate and suck at.

Sharon discusses a growing trend she calls “DYO (Design Your Own) Success.”

In a world where we can customize our cars, clothes, and candy, more people are realizing that they can customize the idea of success. The trend is about shifting the drivers of success from outside influences to inside influences (society’s values vs. personal values). At CreativeMornings/LosAngles, Sharon gives tangible financial and business strategies on how to make this happen.

Sharon is all about breaking down the big picture vision into practical how-to steps. You’ll finish this talk not only with a newfound drive to seize your future, but a tactical and practical plan to make it happen.

Featured as a Morning Person over on our global blog, Sharon also shares an updated version of the meaningful work and happiness chart discussed in this talk. Read her interview here.

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    Sharon's talk light a giant fire under everyone in the audience's ass. Design your own success - she'll teach you how.

    Jon Setzen
    Cm avatar 2

    I would love to get a copy of her worksheet, is it available online somewhere?

    Lesli Schneider