Setting and Resetting the rules of conversation

About this FieldTrip

These days, obviously, we’re having the hardest conversations of our lives. With a little bit of creativity around the rules of conversation and setting and resetting those rules, we can make conversations safer, more fun, more fair, and more equitable. Resetting the rules ended dueling around the globe in the 1840s, resetting the rules allowed for debate to be a force for positive good in the 1860s and the current set of rules in our current system is what is degrading our cultural system right now (you know what I am talking about). Please join me for a fun, lively, thoughtful, mournful, and joyful conversation.

Topics we will cover together:
- How to talk or not talk to your relatives who have differing political views.
- When to choose silence over speaking
- What to commit to and not to commit to
- Name the things you make and how and why to do that

About your Host
Fred Dust works at the intersection of business, society and creativity. As a designer, author, educator, consultant, trustee, and advisor to social and business leaders, he is one of the world’s most original thinkers, applying the craft and optimism of humancentered design to the intractable challenges we face today. Using the methodology in his forthcoming book Making Conversation, he has been working with The Rockefeller Foundation to look at the future of global dialogue; and with The Einhorn Family Fund and other foundations to host constructive dialogue with leaders ranging from David Brooks, Reverend Jenn Bailey, and Vivek Murthy to rebuild human connection in a climate of widespread polarization, cynicism, and disruption.

As a former Global Managing Partner at the acclaimed international design firm IDEO, Fred works with leaders and change agents to unlock the creative potential of business, government, education, and philanthropic organizations.