Sarah Sears

March 20, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT.

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Sarah Mason Sears, founder and principal of S Design Inc, is an award winning branding and design professional and National AIGA Fellow based in Oklahoma City. Sears speaks at local, regional and national events effusing and evangelizing about how branding, design and marketing are catalysts for business and organizational growth.

Sarah Mason Sears is that rare person who combines the precise, inquisitive, ordered mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist. S Design has, for more than two decades, wielded the alchemy of branding and marketing which, when done right, is as powerful as any magic, and in so doing, her company has created many of our state’s most enduring and iconic brands.

Oklahoma City reveals a plethora of her work: the Boathouse District, Embark, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Red Coyote, Verbode, Schlegel Bicycles, Oklahoma City Community Foundation and Impact Oklahoma have all been branded or rebranded by the S Design team. Most recently she led the OklaX visual identity team for the Oklahoma brand. Sears’ work is elegant. No gimmicks, no frivolity, just useful, articulate beauty.

Sears is impeccably designed herself, with a bright, contagious smile, and the kind of smart beauty every woman wants to have. Her style veers vaguely and regally into Scandinavian hippie territory, somehow very clean and a little bit earthy.

While building S Design, which offers high-level design, branding, public relations and professional writing services, Sears was an adjunct professor of design and typography for nearly a decade, sharing her craft with a new generation. She is a fine arts graduate of the University of Kansas, the daughter, fittingly, of an accountant and an artist. Educating the public about design is something she has continued to do via S Design’s series of sold-out Round Table seminars on such topics as how to love your brand, increasing your brand’s value or maintaining your brand’s identity.

By her estimation, she and her phalanx of remarkable designers and writers have created more than 170 visual identities over the course of her 26 years in business. “The very best designs are the designs that serve their purpose, and are elegant and beautifully-designed. They endure.”

In 1996, Sears founded the Oklahoma chapter of The American Institute of Graphic Arts, known as “AIGA.” She served as president from 1996-1999 and as a board member and advisor for more than a decade. She was selected for Journal Record’s “Achievers under 40” and for “Forty under 40” in OKCBiz. Sears also received honors as a three-time finalist for the Journal Record’s “Woman of the Year” and was inducted into its Circle of Excellence. In 2013, Sears was honored with the Women in Communications Byliner Award for Business and received the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year by OSU’s Ritata Center for Entrepreneurship. She was honored with the 2014 Casady Alumni Achievement Award, and in 2016 her firm received the Pantone Color Award from Graphic Design USA.