Salar al Khafaji

January 25, 9:00am - 11:00am CET. Hosted at MediaCatalyst

About the speaker

Salar (1985) is co-founder and CEO of Silk, a startup building a platform for structured data on the web. Silk combines a deep vision for the future of the semantic web with innovative technology. Silk is venture-backed by Atomico Ventures, the VC fund founded by the Skype founders, and prominent Dutch angel investors and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Prior to founding Silk, Salar studied theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam while working in technology. He led various projects at an agency in The Hague, Q42, from highly scalable SMS gaming infrastructure to one of the first software NFC implementations. Later, he did R&D at Xopus, an advanced web-based XML editor (sold to SDL in 2010).

Salar talks about technology, engineering, the future of data and start-ups.

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