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Dr. Roeland Dietvorst is a neuroscientist who conducts research about the innerworks of our brains. Through this, he uncovers essential mechanisms and paths our mind follows, usually way before our conscious reasoning. These findings reveal how most of our choices are made before we become aware of them and that most of our very basic opinions are formed before we can reason. How much is actually under our control and more importantly, what does that mean for the way we create and consume information?

At the talk on GENIUS, we will find out about this & much more. We will discover the intricate pathways of our brains and take away some very useful insights for our creative work and audiences!

Dr. Dietvorst is the man behind Alpha.One, a neuromarketing research and advisory bureau, which provides insights and techniques from neurosciences, in an attempt to address marketing and communications matters. Next to that, he also teaches neuromarketing at the European Institute for Brand Management (EURIB) and since 2006, he teaches persuasion techniques at ISAM, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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