Rocky Garza guides us through the forces that cause change and challenge us to see it in new ways.

About the speaker

Change: For the Sake of Consistency : Comparison, compromise, jealousy, insecurity. All things that are a product of a our incessant need to change, adapt and conform to the needs of what everyone else might want from us. Do I think change is good, yes, but do I think it is necessary to stay ahead, no. Let’s change that into what makes us, and trust that is enough.

Rocky Garza is the founder and lead coach of Staff Retreat Co.; A personal development company with a desire to help people identify who they were created to be and live into their strengths. Rocky spends his time leading retreats and providing monthly coaching sessions for companies of all sizes, and hosts bi-monthly identity mapping intensives for individuals and teams. He also shares encouragement and challenges each week on his blog, The Weekly Goodness. You can find out more info at

When not coaching, Rocky spends his time in Dallas with his wife Sara and little boy Ezra. Oh, and his dog Samson.

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