Robin Hinsch talks about photographing surreal worlds in conflict zones.

Robin Hinsch is a documentary photographer. In his work, he mainly focuses on social issues, intuitive storytelling and combines his photography practices with film, collages and installation techniques. His work tries to examine the ongoing metamorphosis of our world and dives into the most challenging circumstances of modern time, like forced migration, ethnic cleansing, political persecution, and war. Robin’s honest lens is able to capture the brutal nature of mankind and offer portraits of conflict zones that mixes the violent with the surreal and desperately sad. Thank you to for sound tech, and for video support.

About the speaker

Robin Hinsch was born in 1987.

In his work he mainly focusses on social issues and of self-experienced subjective,intuitive storytelling and combines his photography practices with film collages and installation techniques.

Robin Hinsch lives and works in Hamburg. His work has seen him travel to Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Malaysia, Senegal, Ghana, Singapur, Marocco, Australia, the USA and a lot of other countries.

Robin Hinsch studied Photography at the HFG-Karlsruhe in the Class of Prof. Elger Esser, at the HH-Hannover, HfBK Hamburg and at the HAW Hamburg in the Class of Prof. Vincent Kohlbecher and Prof. Ute Mahler where he earned his BA in Photography. Currently Robin Hinsch continues his studies at the HAW Hamburg in the Master Program in the class of Prof. Vincent Kohlbecher.

His work has been awarded with the International Photography Award, the European Photo Exhibition Award, the Canon Profifoto Förderpreis, the Art Award of the Hamburger Börse, has been shortlisted at the Leica Oskar Barnack Prize and the Lucie Awards and was nominated fort he Prix Pictet and the Henry Nannen Prize, to name a few. Since 2016 he is an elected member of the Deutsche Fotografische Akademie / German Photographic Society (DFA).

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