Where do you get your food? Rob Veggies shows communities how to grow their own, and he knows how to keep people coming back for more.

The problem of food deserts has been addressed in hundreds of ways, but the fact remains that communities nationwide suffer from a lack of something that most of us take for granted: grocery stores within a reasonable proximity. Rob “Veggies” Horton is on a mission to solve that problem, not by building grocery stores, but by empowering communities to grow their own food. He’s learned a few things about how to get people to work together to better their community – and how to get them hooked on healthy food.

About the speaker

Rob “Veggies” Horton’s motivation as an urban farmer stems from his own experiences growing up in a St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood with few fresh, healthy food items. Frustrated with driving miles from his home to find a grocery store with fresh produce, he decided to stop complaining and alleviate the problem by joining a community garden. He started the Trap Garden in February 2014, growing his own vegetables and herbs, and providing assistance to others who do not have direct access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks.

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