Rita Paskowitz’s hair is what her brain would look like if it grew outside her head…

Rita Paskowitz is a storyteller – and she is going to tell us a story complete with jazz hands, sound effects, a musical solo and group participation.

“This is my context and you have to do it,” says Rita.

Press play – and get ready to have the best time you’ve ever had learning about context.

About the speaker

Whether coaching TEDx speakers, showing teachers how to bring their words to life, or giving a keynote address at a national conference, Rita shines a light on what really matters. Her job is to connect people to each other – and to themselves – through story. Just stop at her Creative Workshop at the Siena/Francis House any Thursday at 3:00 P.M. to see her in action. Or catch her leading the next Drink & Draw some Friday evening at Joslyn Art Museum. P.S. in her spare time, Rita goes to Films Streams, reads books, writes odd pieces, and binge-watches things she probably shouldn’t. (Hey, a storyteller’s got to do research, doesn’t she?)

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