Ricky Lee Gordon speaks on his journey as an artist and art activist.

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/A WORD OF ART : Ricky Lee Gordon (Freddy Sam) Born in 1984, I am an Artist and art activist. It is my intent to inspire ,through art.

ARTIST I have been painting murals on the street for over 12 years and is the core reason for my humility and respect towards art as painting on the street for the everyday man is a experience and satisfaction that I feel can not be replicated by any other art-form. “Freddy Sam” is my two grandfathers names put together and the name I have given myself to represent me as a artist. Freddy Sam is my forever youthful, fearless romantic alter ego who still believes in Peter Pan, It is my intention to explore my community and surrounding using public art as a tool to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life as I am more interested in the experience than the result.I believe removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of artists musicians and poets. ‘Art activist”

/A WORD OF ART ‘Art space , Art projects International art residency and community art outreach, ‘, founded in 2008. Dedicated to celebrating new art and emerging young artists. I act as a director and curator.

TRAVEL I have been fortunate to exhibit and work on projects all over the world including Switzerland, Berlin, LA , London, Morocco , Atlanta ,Portland, Gambia, New York, Swaziland,Baltimore, Transkei and more.

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