Richie Hardcore speaks at the February 2014 CreativeMornings talk in Auckland about what it means to be a Modern day Rebel.

The path of the rebel is never a smooth one. To challenge the status quo, butt heads with mainstream opinion, and reshape society you have to be willing to expose yourself and take a few hits. You have to be ready to become an outcast.

But when you look back in time, the rebels are the ones history remembers, for better or worse. They push the boundaries, catalyse change, question the things others blindly accept. They forge new ways of thinking and change the world.

We couldn’t think of anyone who fits that description better then Richie Hardcore. In his words, “Being a rebel isn’t smoking and drinking and dying your hair, it’s being brave, meaningfully rejecting what society tells us is normal, challenging it and living our better, higher values, because the personal is political.”

About the speaker

A former Muay Thai Boxing Champion, turned personal trainer, coach and manager, Richie Hardcore’s day job has him working for the Ministry of Heath on a national project aimed at reducing drug and alcohol harm in at risk communities, with his particular focus being on University students and the GLBTI community.

On the side he hosts his own show on independent Auckland radio station 95bfm (repping punk and hardcore), makes frequent appearances on NewstalkZB’s mental health focused talkback show, “The Nutters’ Club,” and was a regular contributor on TVNZ’s sadly disbanded youth channel ULive, promoting “PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) All day”. He even squeezes in a spot of modeling every now and then.

A prominent presence across mainstream and social media, he’s never been one to shy away from strong opinions or difficult topics. Rebelling against the local drinking culture, he became apart of the straight edge movement as a young adult, choosing to live a life free from intoxicants.

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