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Coronavirus impacts our most vulnerable

We believe in giving a damn. Honestly, there’s a lot of information out there on what to do. In spite of ourselves, we need to consider the most at-risk in our community and make sure they are getting the care they deserve. 

We’re talking about those without the privilege to work from home, who can’t take paid-sick leave (because it doesn’t exist), who can’t afford or don’t have access to proper healthcare. If and when Covid-19 worsens, the elderly, the sick, and those housing insecure at most risk.

So let’s keep our minds and our collective resources at their disposal.

Our community resources

Below is a small list of things we can do and places we can support at this time. We’ll be updating this list, so if you see something missing, please email us:

• Donate to the East Oakland Collective, Feed the Hood

• Donate to the SVdP free-clinic

• Donate to the Alameda County Food Bank

• Read the street health and outreach guide

Support a moratorium on evictions and rent forgiveness

• Read the Bay Rising statement

• Read grassroots organizations demands concerning Covid-19

Support our community partners

Oakland Indie Alliance is looking for creatives to help small local business owners move their work online. If you’re a creative service provider and can offer your services for a discount or pro bono, find local businesses to connect with here.

Teas with Meaning has an online store that’s open for business. I think we all could use a relaxing cup of tea right about now.

Modern Coffee has a virtual tip jar and gift certificates available here.

Last but not least:

If you have questions about the housing insecure who may be sick or symptomatic, or perhaps being denied public space. Please consider calling the Alameda Health Care for the Homeless Program, (510) 891-8950