Reset & Rewrite: Guided Journaling For The New Year

About this FieldTrip

2020 was… a lot of things. Some days it felt like it was moving slow as molasses, some days it felt like we were being thrown back decades in time, and then one day it was suddenly the holidays. So now what? While it could be easy to throw away 2020 altogether and try to forget it, there are many important things from this year to take in before moving into the next one. 2020 was a year of massive growth and change, even if it was sometimes hard to see. There are battles you overcame, new foundations you laid, and core values that have changed. This year, you did hard things, great things, and even things you didn’t think you could. So before you toss 2020 to the curb, let’s take it for a final ride. In this guided journaling session, you’ll reflect on the year that passed, what it taught you, and what you want to let go before 2021. It’s time to reset your mindset and rewrite your story for the year ahead — and this is where I invite you to turn the page.

About your Host
Sonya Matejko is a writer, yoga teacher, and communications consultant. She writes stories and helps people tell theirs by empowering them to express themselves — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sonya works with purpose-driven businesses and female entrepreneurs to elevate their narratives — from personal branding to copywriting and PR consulting to guided journaling. Her storytelling company, A Force of Nurture, helps people find the right words and spread the word. Follow Sonya’s writing on @aforceofnurture, or visit her website to learn more about her services: