Relaxing Watercolors with Volta

June 6, 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Join Volta on for a relaxing watercolor activity to get your inspired and feeling creative. In this class you’ll learn a few basic watercolor techniques. You’ll then be able to apply and practice those techniques creating fun watercolor patterns. No prior experience necessary to enjoy this activity.

Supplies you will need: watercolor palette, brush, watercolor paper. Some supplies that I love and use personally.

About your Host
Volta is a self-proclaimed art and donut evangelist and she wants to spread the magic of watercolors to anyone who will listen.

While born in the distant Country of Moldova, Volta has found a home in Dallas, TX. Her passion for its vibrant culture, cuisine and character comes alive in her distinctive colorful artwork.

To share her joy of art, Volta started Color Snack Creative Studio as a way to share tips, encourage others to live a creative life, and help build the next generation of artists by donating a portion of proceeds to local art education.

Volta’s mission to watercolor the world can be seen in the various projects such as brand activations, custom illustrations and animations that she creates for national and international brands. She also hosts local watercolor workshops, where she encourages everyone to rediscover their inner artist.

She calls Cedars, Dallas home, where she lives with her husband and cat.

Follow Volta on Instagram: @colorsnack

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