Rejo Zenger tells about how our choices influence everyones freedom

Rejo Zenger works at Bits of Freedom, the leading Dutch digital rights organization, focusing on privacy and communications freedom in the digital age. He talks about algorithms, how our choice are influenced and how our freedoms could suffer without us even knowing.

About the speaker

The small group of French revolutionaries were able to take control of Paris by using the small and winding streets. Napoleon III didn’t want that to happen again, so he created the large boulevards that we love today.

Nowadays, our built environment is largely made out of software. Designers, UX-ers, and developers directly influence the behaviour of their users through what the interface allows people to do with their software. A perfect interface isn’t a solution for all software problems, but we do know that even the best algorithms are useless if they are not made accessible through an attractive and intuitive interface. This is essential when creating technology that is meant to protect our freedoms.

In his talk Rejo Zenger will show how everybody working on websites and apps have an important responsibility in protecting freedom in our society.

Rejo Zenger is a technical research and policy advisor for the Dutch civil rights movement Bits of Freedom. The organisation fights for the protection of fundamental rights like freedom of speech and privacy on the internet.

Zenger is primarily focused on topics related to telephone and internet providers, such as the Dutch law on telecommunications data retention. Before joining Bits of Freedom, he worked as a systems administrator for a number of ISPs (internet service providers). He writes and speaks extensively about internet freedom - not just on the policy level, but also on the impact of technology in society and the ethics of developing technology.

photo by Maarten Tromp

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