Randy Krum shares some insight on what makes DataViz work…or not.

Randy’s talk covers the science behind visualizing data, using pre-attentive attributes in chart design and best practices for designing good data visualizations.

About the speaker

Randy Krum is an infographics and data visualization designer, author of the book, “Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design,” and instructor of Infographics and Data Visualization Design at Southern Methodist University’s Continuing and Professional Education program (CAPE). Randy also runs the popular website, Coolinfographics.com. Started in 2007, the site has grown into one of the most influential infographic sites online, handling up to 50,000 unique visitors a day. He is the Founder and President of InfoNewt, his design company that designs infographics and visualizations for clients used for both online marketing and internal communications. Randy speaks at conferences, universities, corporate events, and government agencies about infographic design, data visualization methods, visual content marketing, and the effective use of visual information. Learn more at RandyKrum.com

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