Psychedelics and Mindfulness in the Age of Narcissism

December 19, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST. Hosted at Making Space (Brooklyn)

About this FieldTrip

From underground ceremonies at yoga studios in Bushwick to remote villages in Peru to research labs at leading universities, the psychedelic revolution is well underway. Researchers, healers and recreational users are discovering what indigenous communities have known for centuries: the power of these substances to open, heal and transform. And now, new technologies in neuroscience can help us understand how they work in the brain.

Despite renewed interest, they remain an illicit substance. Fortunately we have another tool that’s readily accessible to everyone: Mindfulness. Both the use of psychedelics and the practice of mindfulness have similar and long lasting effects on our creativity and ego. And it’s perhaps no coincidence that their resurgence is timed to coincide precisely in this moment of selfies and self promotion.

This interactive workshop will cover the brain mechanisms behind both mindfulness and psychedelics, methods to incorporate mindfulness in our daily lives and a discussion about how each can play a role in unlocking our creativity.

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