More Minimal = More Freedom = More Moments

Dr. Jeff Wilson, aka Prof. Dumpster, takes us through his experiences living a more minimal life to the extreme. Be it his travel without luggage or his recent project to live for a year in a dumpster, Jeff is living an experiment that challenges us to consider, “What are the things we really need in our life?”

About the speaker

Dr. Jeff Wilson aka ‘Professor Dumpster’ is Dean of the University College and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Huston-Tillotson University.

Dr. Wilson is also Executive Director of The Dumpster Project, a non-profit based in Austin, Texas that is transforming a trash dumpster into a home with a focus on K-12 STEM and sustainability education. As part of the educational mission of The Dumpster Project, Dr. Wilson plays a character named ‘Professor Dumpster’ who has been described as the love child of Bill Nye, Oscar the Grouch and Thoreau. In his spare time, Dr. Wilson enjoys traveling – he has lived, worked and ‘couch surfed’ through over 60 countries on six continents.

Dr. Wilson did his post-doctoral work at the Harvard School of Public Health and holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Canterbury.

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    Great talk - similar thinking.... Pete @dumpsterco

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