[Private Gallery Tour] Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Artists in the Global 1960s

April 19, 10:30am - 11:30am EDT. Hosted at Japan Society

About this FieldTrip

Join us for a private “Before Hours” gallery tour of Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Artists in the Global 1960, the first full-scale exhibition focusing on the radical experiments of Japanese artists from this decade.

Led by Japan Society’s Exhibitions Manager Alex Casso, you will explore a curated series of works that defied conventions and broke ground in the development of international postwar art, centered on artist Yutaka Matsuzawa and the two collectives, The Play and GUN. Little known in the U.S., these revolutionary creators expanded the definition of visual art through language, performance, mail art, land art, and political art, while engaging with well-known global contemporaries like Yayoi Kusama, Gilbert & George, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono.

Radicalism in the Wilderness surveys the range of these projects, at times colorful, imaginative, and playful, but also inextricably linked to worldwide social, political, and cultural issues of the turbulent and innovative 1960s.

Image credit: GUN, Events to Change the Image of Snow, 1970. Documentary photograph of performance art. Photo © Hanaga Mitsutoshi.

Note: this event will take place immediately following CreativeMornings/NYC’s main event with speaker Amy Padnani.

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