Amy Willis shares her recipe for creating a life worth preserving.

Challenging the idea that we should ‘preserve’ our lives, Amy Willis shares her ideas for how to create a life preserve.

About the speaker

Amy Willis educates stressed out business owners on simple structures and processes that give them clarity and, ultimately, a better work-life blend.

She loves helping people find where their strengths lie. This woman is an absolute machine – in all the best ways. A self-employed management consultant, a mother of three boys, and a boundless source of energy and inspiration to those around her, she’s the sort of woman to offer a shoulder when it’s needed and a kick up the butt when it’s called for. Basically, the friend we all need.

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Here's the thing: If we're not clear on who we are, our values, and if we're giving too much of ourselves, or giving a digested version of ourselves — we will never have enough of ourselves to create a life preserve. — Amy Willis

Making yourself digestible happens a lot on social media. People presenting a version of themselves that they think that others will like more or those who share so much of themselves that they have no intimacy left in their life. — Amy Willis

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