Pocket full of sunshine: Let’s learn to draw in Procreate Pocket

About this FieldTrip

This FieldTrip will give you a quick guide to learn this useful tool in procreate. We’ll start with a fun warm-up exercise to find inspiration in the sun 🌞 , and then we will do some creative writing ✍️ to enter in a flow state before drawing.

Then I will show you the basic tools to draw a beautiful sun in Procreate Pocket 🤳 (it costs $4.99 USD in Apple Store, but is totally worth it). I will give you tips on how to use the brushes, colors, forms, layers, and the assisted drawing tool. We will end by sharing our stories and drawings, making a sun gallery in Zoom.

About your Host
I am a designer, and since I became a mother, I’ve started painting on my phone (with my one available hand while nursing my child🤱).

I am very excited to make this Fieldtrip again, now in English! I am part of the CreativeMornings Community (I was the host of CMMX the last season) and I love to be back in this format to share about my creative process.

I’m sure that with this workshop you can start using your phone as a drawing tool as well :)

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