Playing House: Staying Home & Staying Playful with Sam Furness

July 16, 11:30am - 1:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

In this FieldTrip I will be taking the CreativeMornings community on an adventure - as we collectively reimagine our homes as playgrounds.

Think of it like a yoga class… for the imagination.

Throughout lockdown I have been publishing imaginative, thoughtful, DIY challenges for people to complete in their homes over the weekend. Since then people have remade iconic album covers, sent poetry postcards, made bathroom art installations, taken abstract photos with mirrors, spent an hour in candlelight… and much much more.

In this 90 min session we’ll start by looking at creative resilience, the importance of finding tiny moments of joy, maintaining a curious spirit and how we might approach seeing our homes differently.

Then…we’ll take on some Playing House challenges together. Exercises and games achievable in about 10 minutes each. All designed to breathe some creativity, adventure and thoughtfulness into your day. Perfectionism isn’t the point - together we’ll be resourceful, commit with a full heart and embrace the silliness - because our homes & hearts need some joy right now.

I’ll create a special Playing House x CM Field Trips to challenge list for all attendees to take away with them after the session - so they can take on some more ambitious challenges in their own time if they’d like to.

About your Host
Hello! My name is Sam Furness and I’m an eclectic creative. On any regular day you’ll find me searching for extraordinary creative ideas in ordinary places and bringing them to life in adventurous and collaborative ways. I manage music artists at Everybody’s management based in London and also run a creative platform called Channel Twelve. At Channel Twelve, we playfully explore the intersection between adventurous lifestyle and creative process through an ongoing series of eclectic projects. We aim to inspire more curious, connected, daring approaches to living and creating - in the belief that there could be unending ways to experience the world and uncover inspiration for truly illuminating ideas.