Pioneering Technology: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

October 6, 8:30am - 10:00am PDT. Hosted at Dctrl

part of a series on Pioneer

About this FieldTrip

Members of this collective will lead a short, interactive introduction to the birth and importance of Bitcoin and other revolutionary cryptocurrencies, followed by a walkthrough where we will play with the Bitcoin testnet on our phones and theatrically model the decentralized exchange patterns on blockchain networks.

If you want to participate and receive some free “play coins” within this activity, please install the Copay Wallet on Android or Apple phones ahead of time – we’ll walk through the setup together.

Dctrl community commons is a nonhierarchical members’ club in downtown Vancouver with shared visions around decentralization and disruptive technology. For more than three years, Dctrl has held free community education and meetup events to spread the word about cryptocurrency, Free and Open Source software and information, and new organizational structures made possible by blockchain protocols. Most recently, the space has implemented an internally designed autonomous accounting system which redistributes responsibility and authority for administrative operations through commons-accessible bounties.